Flowers & Roses Aromatherapy Blend - 8 Premium Natural Car Air Fresheners of 100% Pure Rose, Geranium, Rosewood & Neroli Essential Oils - Includes Diffuser

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rose essential oil natural car air freshener

Have you ever experienced the fragrant beauty of wild roses? Rose is a rare and highly sought after essential oil, requiring tremendous amount of native plant to create the essential oil found in our blend. 

We've crafted our blend to create a floral experience second only to a walking through a rose garden. You're sure to enjoy a tension-relieving experience with three essential oils that harmoniously bring out the best in each other, without overpowering the dominance of the spellbinding rose oil! We've handcrafted this blend to bring out the most memory-invoking all-natural floral scents possible. 

Pure Essential Oil Blend:

  • Egyptian Geranium: A peaceful and calming essential oil with a gentle yet playful floral aroma.
  • Moroccan Rose Essential Oil
  • Ylang Ylang: Known for its sweet, rich, calming and soothing complimentary properties.
  • Neroli: This prized essential oil can be a powerful aphrodisiac when diffused.  

How it works: Simply open one of the 8 individually sealed sachets, plug it into the car diffuser and enjoy a floral driving experience. Replace the sachet as needed!

  • Comes in a New reusable jute bag
  • Universal car diffuser included!

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