Natural Car Air Fresheners - 5 Aromatherapy Blends of 100% Pure Essential Oils & Car Diffuser

$ 10.99 $ 20.00

Essential oils have been used for their healing properties and aromas for centuries. Today, we use essential oils to ease stress, increase energy or simply to relax after a long day of work. Our individually sealed air freshener pods are designed especially for your car, so you may now enjoy these benefits even while on the road.

5 Pure Essential Oil Blends Included:

VIBRANT: Sweet Orange, Mandarin & Patchouli

ENERGIZER: Clove Leaf, Ginger, Lemon & Ylang Ylang
BREATHE FRESH: Pine Needle, Rosemary & Mandarin
ORGANIC CEDARWOOD: Pure 100% Essential Oil

ORGANIC PEPPERMINT: Pure 100% Essential Oil

Our essential oil car air freshener blends are hand crafted to naturally enhance your state of well-being during your daily commute. We produce our aromatherapy blends using the purest grade of sustainably harvested essential oils, crafted to provide you with a refreshing and lifting experience while containing NO toxins, chemicals or artificial fragrances found in commonly used spray, gel and plug-in air fresheners.

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