ORGANIC LEMON Pure 100% Pure Essential Oil - Natural Car Air Freshener - Pack of 8 & Diffuser

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LEMON Organic Essential Oil Car Air Freshener 

This set includes 8 Organic Lemon 100% essential oil scented pads & 1 car diffuser 

Lemon essential oil is known to create an invigorating and energetic emotion! Diffusing lemon releases Oxytocin, leaving you with a sense of relaxation. Start or end your day with the refreshing scent of lemon!

Our natural car air freshener concept of blending essential oils onto pre-scented aromatherapy pads is an artisan craft, which in itself is unique and certain to deliver an invigorating or relaxing experience, as you commute to your destination. We produce our products using the purest quality of 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils, distinctively formulated to lift and soothe your senses! Using scented oils will reawaken your favorite memories from fresh cut flowers during spring to the crisp mountain air in the fall. Our scented oils are free from harmful toxins that are known to cause serious health problems. Each of our blends is sure to invoke emotions, a sense of peace, awareness and joy. Enjoy a healthy, safe and natural car air freshener experience. 

How It Works: 

  • This package of Lemon essential oil pads is diffuser-ready! 
  • You simply open the individually sealed sachet, plug the scented pad into the diffuser and enjoy a natural Lemon scent on-the-go!
  • Replace scented pad once lemon scent is completely diffused!


lemon essential oil natural air freshener for car 

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