5 HARMONY (Vanilla, Cinnamonn & Cassia) 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend REFILL Pads

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5 HARMONY Vanilla & Cinnamon Refill Pads

Harmony, also known as the popular Autumn blend, provides a distinctive car air freshener experience, offering a warmth of spicy and sweet notes of Vanilla, Cinnamon & Cassia essential oils for your next driving experience. 

Our concept of blending pure essential oils onto pre-scented aromatherapy pads is an artisan craft, which is certain to deliver an enjoyable and easy-to-use air freshener experience, as you commute to your destination. 

We produce our products using the purest quality of 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils, distinctively formulated to provide you with a beneficial and pleasant air freshener experience. These essential oils originate from the finest sources available in the world. In each blend, we incorporate top, middle and base note essential oils to ensure you can experience the entire blend. 

Our oils are free from harmful toxins and ingredients commonly found in plugin and spray

air fresheners. Each of our blends is sure to invoke emotions, a sense of peace, awareness and joy. Breathing essential oils will reawaken your favorite memories from fresh cut flowers during spring to the crisp mountain air in the fall. 

Easy to use. Simply plug each pad into your car electric diffuser.
  • Car Diffuser & Home Adapter are Sold Separately.

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