Car & Home Starter Kit: 2 Natural Air Fresheners of 100% Pure Essential Oils - Includes Car Diffuser Home Adapter & 10 Blank/Unscented Refill Pads

$ 13.89

This home/office adapter and plug-in car diffuser set provide a new way of enjoying essential oils in your car, home or office. Diffusing oils will give you the most out of the scents you enjoy by warming the oils gently into the air. This air freshener set is ideal for any area of your home such as living room, bathrooms, pet area,etc... and in your office too.

What You Get:
  • 1 new car scent electric diffuser
  • 1 new home/office adapter
  • 2 individually sealed pure essential oil myChoice Aromatherapy blends
  • 10 blank/unscented reusable HIGH-ABSORPTION refill pads to use with your own oils

You're on your way to replacing your toxic air fresheners with 100% pure essential oils! With proper care, your diffuser will provide continued enjoyment for you and your family, whether on your way to work, for running errands around town or a cross country road trip. 


best essential oil diffuser blank refill pads 

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