Home & Car Air Fresheners - Handcrafted From 100% Pure Essential Oils

natural car air freshener - journeyOur concept was born from our personal ambition to help empower and enrich people's breathing experience, using our very own proprietary method of blending essential oils into natural car air fresheners. Just as movies and music affect our emotions, so too do the scents we choose. So we created a series of car air fresheners that would uniquely deliver a specific outcome, including stress reduction, increased clarity, euphoria and many others.

natural car fragrance - aromatherapy blends

We, like many other small businesses today, are dedicated to bringing back the great American experience, and as such are committed to handcrafting the very best natural car air fresheners from Aromatherapy blends of 100% pure essential oils. From downtown to small town, we are restoring the timeless and the pleasant back into your breathing experience. 

natural car air fresheners - our processHow do we create our home and car air fresheners? We diligently search for nature's finest sustainably harvested essential oils, from the woodsy to the herbal to the citrus, and far beyond. We then hand-craft small batches of our oils and blends each day and deliver them to you in diffuser-ready individually sealed packets so you can experience the life-enhancing power of Aromatherapy, anytime and anywhere.

Please consult with your physician before using air fresheners, fragrance oils or essential oils if pregnant or nursing.***