Frequently Asked Questions

how to diffuse essential oils in car


Q. Do you ship to other countries?
A. Yes! We ship our natural car air fresheners anywhere in the world, as long as there's a post office!

Q. How much do you charge for international shipping?
A. The rates vary based on destination. When you go to your cart to check out, your total shipping will be displayed, based on the location selected!

Q. Do I pay for return shipping?
A. Yes. If you simply no longer want the product, we ask that you pay the return postage. 

Q. What if I receive a defective diffuser?
A. We will beg for forgiveness, then we will pay to have the defective product sent back to us and for a new one to be sent to you! Sound fair?

General Questions

Q. What's your return policy?
A. If you aren't happy with you natural car air freshener purchase, you've got 60 days to send it back for a full refund, no questions asked!

Q. How long can I diffuse the scented pads?
A. We recommend diffusing for 10-15 minutes at a time. You can do more but the longer it burns the shorter the life of the oils. Also, note that some essential oils have a longer diffuse life.

Q. If I follow your recommended time, how long can I expect each scented pad to last?
A. There's no exact science but from our tests and what our customers say, between 4-8 days each. The cool part is, you can always reuse the pads with your own oils!

Q. Any suggestions on how to improve air freshener life and overall experience?
A. Yes! Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight, especially during hot days!

Q. How fast do you ship the orders?
A. If the order is placed by noon Central Time, we ship same day! If it's a weekend expect it to ship within the next business day!

Q. Can I set up recurring shipping for refill pads?
A. Not yet but it's going to be available soon! Despite that, the pads you get are reusable, so once the oils have been diffused, apply your own essential oil to the pad for multiple uses! Yeah, we exclusively source the thickest and highest absorbing essential oil pads available on the market. 

Q. Where do you source your essential oils?
A. Various certified sources across the world. Many of our essential oils are Therapeutic-grade and now we've introduced certified organic oils as well.

Q. Do you blend them or buy them pre-blended?
A. Blending is our passion. We hand-craft small batch blends daily so you're getting some seriously fresh essential oils, guaranteed!

Q. How long does the essential oil car diffuser last?
A. If it's well taken care of, you can get anywhere from nine months to several years! Like with all electronics, it's hard to say precisely.



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