About Us - The People, The Mission & The Products

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To Our Amazing Customers...

First and foremost, thank you for taking valuable time out of your day to visit our site and learn more about myChoice Aromatherapy. We wanted to tell you a little about who we are, why we came into existence and what we hope to do for you, our communities and subsequently, our planet. Hopefully then, we won't feel like complete strangers. 

Our Story Starts Here

In Winter of 2010, I traveled to Malaysia to learn more about the benefits of essential oils during a natural products convention, before enthusiastically returning to the my studio apartment in Plano Texas, where myChoice Aromatherapy began its journey and has since rapidly grown to be the the only hand-crafter of nontoxic natural car and home air fresheners, made from 100% pure essential oils and nothing else.

My family spent nearly a decade in the "conventional" car cleaning industry in local car washes and we were concerned about the air freshener products people were buying for their families. So, we saw an opportunity for positive change, to rid people (and pets) of toxic car and home air fresheners. We set out on this journey to create revolutionary air fresheners using an ancient tradition of diffusing essential oils.

From Community To Business

Before starting out, I began building online communities to discuss the matter of air fresheners and essential oils to better understand what people needed. We then carefully examined what hundreds of our customers had expressed to us over the years. These were the fundamentals which eventually shaped our mission statement and gave us the direction we needed to create the myChoice brand. While we have made significant progress, needs always evolve and as such, our process must evolve too. What stays constant is our mission.

We truly believe in the power of essential oils for our emotional and physical well-being. As such, we wanted to make it affordable and convenient for everyone to reap their benefits. The idea was to simplify the use of essential oils to accommodate our busy and fast-paced lives. So, we decided to do the "heavy lifting" for our customers. All our natural car air fresheners are pre-packaged in our very own proprietary blends of sustainably harvested pure essential oils, made in small batches in collaboration with Aromatherapists, with each blend providing a specific array of health benefits and emotional triggers. Before we could make it available to customers like you, we spent months testing and being certain that we (and our inner circle of family and friends) loved each blend... and we do!

While we understand that we each have preferences, the goal was to create a variety of essential oils blends and allow you to choose one, two or many that are most suitable for your lifestyle and scent preferences. Ultimately, we want to help reduce the world's toxins in places you spend the most amount of time... your car and home.

We'd like to think of ourselves more as a lifestyle company than one of essential oils, allowing our products to evolve through a collaboration of your personal experiences and our passion for bringing them to life.

Our Approach

  1. Our essential oils are very carefully selected from the finest sources around the world. For instance, our Lavender is sourced from France, where it is indigenous to that region, ensuring the most pleasant breathing experience.
  2. The formulas are then uniquely crafted by blending essential oils that will provide a range of benefits while creating enjoyment as you drive to your destination our lounge at home.
  3. Once the small-batch blending of essential oils is completed, each blended essential oil pad is sealed into individual sachets for freshness, then packaged and finally sent to you. 

Our Promise

Every order comes with an unconditional 60-Day Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed! You work hard for your money and we want you to absolutely love the products. In the unlikely event that you don't, please put our promise to the test and send it back for a full refund, no questions asked! 

You can rest assured that our essential oil air fresheners contain NO toxins, chemicals or synthetic fragrances found in commonly used spray, gel and plug-in air freshener products. 

Our Guiding Statements

Life is about enjoying experiences whenever and wherever possible. We associate essential oil scents with many of life's memories and experiences. Our philosophy is to help you create those joyful experiences, whether driving to work, on a family road-trip vacation near the ocean or into the mountains, or for a quick drive around town, all without compromising your wellbeing!

Our VISION Statement: To change the world's perception of air fresheners by producing only the very finest essential oil blends, and what that means for your wellbeing.

Our MISSION Statement: To co-create (with you) the finest breathing experiences and ultimately, a much more peaceful world. Yes, we believe essential oils can make a big difference!