8 100% Certified Organic LAVENDER Car Air Fresheners - Includes Diffuser

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Organic Lavender
8 Handcrafted Organic Lavender Car Air Fresheners

Bulgarian Organic Lavender essential oil is the perfect compliment to your commute! Start or end your day with the one of the world's most relaxing essential oils.

Our natural car air freshener concept of blending essential oils onto pre-scented aromatherapy pads is an artisan craft, which in itself is unique and certain to deliver a, cleansing, invigorating and relaxing experience, as you commute to your destination. We produce our products using the purest quality of 100% natural aromatherapy essential oils, distinctively formulated to lift and soothe your senses!

Using scented oils will reawaken your favorite memories from fresh cut flowers during spring to the crisp mountain air in the fall. Our scented oils are free from harmful toxins commonly found in air fresheners. Naturally deodorize your car and enjoy a calming air freshener experience.

Here's what's included:

  • 8 Individually-sealed Organic Lavender air fresheners.
  • 1 universal car scent diffuser.
  • 1 awesome reusable jute pouch.

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