What Is A Carrier Oil & How Does It Benefit You When Diffusing Essential Oils

Benefits of carrier oils in diffusing essential oil air freshenersThere's been a great deal of debate about the use of carrier oils and whether or not they benefit in the use
of diffusing essential oils. For context, carrier oils are neutral in scent and are natural, most popularly seen as almond or jojoba oils to name a couple. Their purpose is to dilute the concentration of the essential oil(s) to allow safe application to the body. By their very nature and purity, essential oils are derived from carefully grown and cultivated wild plants. They can be often extremely potent, especially when applied to the skin. Therefore, we know that applying carrier oil to essential oils for topical use is VERY necessary to prevent skin reactions, some of which could be severe.

How about when diffusing oils for the purpose of Aromatherapy, or as an air freshener? I've tested so many approaches to diffusing oils, both with and without the use of carrier oils, and various types of them as well. We've found that adding just 5-10% of carrier oil can assist with extending the life of the diffusion process, allowing the scented air freshener pads to last 15-30% longer. While the amount we put is so minimal, the result has consistently been a longer lasting aromatherapy experience. I personally love carrier oils because they don't interfere with the efficacy or aromatic qualities of the essential oils, and that's immensely important when we're talking about diffusing oils. 

What do you think about carrier oils and do you use them for your topical essential oil applications? How about your DIY air fresheners?

I'd love to hear from you. Until then, diffuse with love! 

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