What I Learned About Cleopatra, the Power of Beauty & Essential Oils In Egypt

egpytian essential oil perfumes
I haven't yet mentioned yet that I'm obsessed with travel. I take vacations whenever possible, which is at least twice a year. I don't mean a basic road trip from Dallas to Austin, which by the way is totally fine as well. Rather my trips tend to lean more towards a global curiosity. I don't often do the tourism thing, but on occasions I'll partake in the countryside tours with pit stops at the local tourist shops, often to grab a souvenir for friends and family. I think it's the least you can do after smearing your awesome photos on Facebook. 

Now that I've confessed about my travel addiction, let's talk oils. 

I think these two trips helped me hone my passion for perfume oils (real stuff) and the historical significance of what the perfumes represent. Specifically Egypt.

When you think of Egypt, a few things (often cliche`s) come to mind. Pharaohs, Cleopatra, Pyramids and perhaps camels. Since I can't make claims of having interviewed Cleopatra, I have found a way to tap into the imaginary world of what it must have been like during those days. Bathing in her special formula of essential oils, milk and honey and you know... the pampering things we'd like to believe she and the women of her time experienced. 

When I was in Egypt, I truly felt that world come to life. You could feel the energy of Cleopatra. She was the epitome of beauty, feminism and yet still portrayed a power that was considered uncommon for women during those times. Nevertheless, I'll continue to believe that beauty and power do coexist, and Cleopatra was a perfect representation of that marriage of forces. 

Perfume oils were all they had (or needed) to invoke a pure and natural sense of love, peace or power. The use of oils, while often therapeutic in nature, also was how beauty was expressed. There was a mystery about Cleopatra. All about her. 

Several ancient writings suggest she was “Clouded in a Scent of Mystery.”

From what many sources claim, Cleopatra was an expert at formulating the most beautifully purposeful natural cosmetics and essential oil blends, which she shared, sold and used during her reign as queen of Ancient Egypt.

During my month-long Egypt experience, I found myself completely mesmerized by its profound history and relevance to many of today's Aromatherapy practices. I visited perfume producers, who only had access to the purest forms of oils, protecting a craft that is well over 2,500 years old. These experiences are what continue to pull me into my travels. I feel the more I see, the more I can share with you, so in case you can't take a trip anytime soon, you'll feel just as connected to the history, the influential woman and her impact on our beauty today.

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