Are Natural Air Fresheners or Organic Foods Worth the Price?

is natural organic or non-gmo foods and products worth the cost

Over the past decade, we've seen an enormous growth in health products and their claims to do this or that for us. I'm the first to admit I've bought into much of the hype, and often let down by the promises... or, were they promises or just our natural instinct to be hopeful for the best outcome? Do we want to believe that our supplements, organic foods and natural air fresheners can bring about a real change in our wellbeing, or is it merely a placebo effect enough to keep our minds focused on being healthy? 

I'm going to just state an opinion but one I believe may be shared by millions of people. Are you ready? Here it is...

Since the introduction of GMO foods, excessive pharmaceutical ads bombarding our airwaves and the proliferation of stress-induced ailments, we've all been scouring (oftentimes to an obsession) for a solution. We are resilient in our quest to overcome the health and planet challenges that face us each day. 

I personally buy mainly organic foods (but not everything) and don't touch fast food (not even with a 7 foot pole). I'm a firm believer that our bodies are designed to accept the natural and in rejecting the unnatural, our bodies react to us, in the form of dis-ease, telling us we are out of harmony and corrective steps need to be taken to re-ease our body. Stress being a major culprit, can only further weaken our body's defenses, putting us at greater risk of falling ill. 

While I paint a not-so-rosey picture of our state of the union, I remain absolutely hopeful that individual behavior makes the collective behavior. If I eat organic foods, I may encourage others to follow suit. For instance, I've gotten my parents to only buy organic produce. While they may not exclusively shop organic, it's a major shift for people who grew up before the GMO era.

I shop at Whole Foods and Sprouts not just because of the organic and natural food options. I go because I'm among like-minded shopper who also feel a sense of responsibility towards one another. The growers of organic farms work hard to preserve their crops, with a conscience that can't be overlooked. Their efforts aren't futile if more of us adopt a new behavior of consumption.

If I eliminate aerosol use and synthetic air freshener consumption, I'm cutting the demand of these products by one person. If I tell enough people to do the same, I may create a movement, albeit minor. We are seeing an explosion of natural fresheners on the market, expected to increase 5-fold by 2020. That's a movement.

The world is beginning to see the correlation between our health and our consumption behavior. It's undeniable, and for those still denying, that's ok. I think we all discover the truth when we are prepared to do so. Whatever you're ready for, do it. Begin altering small things in your daily behavior as it pertains to consumable goods. Even clothing today can be acquired from renewable or sustainable sources. 

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