Drop The New Year's Resolutions!

I know it's tough to break the habit of declaring a new year's resolution and equally tough to sustain that resolution for more than 15 days! The new year isn't so much about promising ourselves what we will do in the new year as much as it is a time to purge what we did from the past years in hopes to clear space for the realization of our hopes and dreams. 

We seem to be always setting ourselves up for failure when we burden ourselves with a resolution that's built on a foundation of tradition destined to fail. Instead, let's try something new this year...

How about we decide on what we are really passionate about, visualize the meaning it has in our lives and empower that meaning with an emotion that will propel us to see our goals through. Unlike a new year resolution, identifying a passion that moves us will ensure we stay with it when we get challenged to quit. 

Here's how to get going on solid footing:

  1. Sit down with a notepad and pen.
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Visualize the life you wish to experience and WHY you want those life experiences. FOCUS on experience and the feel the emotion of what that experience will do for your life. This could be improved health, creating abundant wealth, freedom of living and traveling. Starting and running a successful business, having a family and feel free to create a combination of all parts of your life. Remember this isn't about being single-dimensioned. You are looking for a balanced complete life!
  4. Spend time playing out that vision in your mind and heart.
  5. Now begin to write down the vision. You can create bullets and just be free to write what your vision looks like. Include everything you truly FEEL!
  6. On a second page, take each bullet you wrote down and write 3-5 action steps you'll make into habits. 
  7. Let these habits become the fundamental of your goals.

These are not just action steps to robotically fulfill a new year resolution that contains no heart and soul. This is your soul that is developing your vision! You see your life through your heart! Let your feelings about these goals be the compass for where you're headed!

Whenever you're unsure of what you're doing, close your eyes and revisit this list. Remember, visualization is a muscle you must exercise to maximize the impact and power of your dreams!

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