3 Ways To Create a Holiday Driving Experience

It's that time of year. Thanksgiving road trips to see the family cross country or across town. Either way, the one thing that pierces through the family drama and often chaotic moments is the feeling we get when we smell the turkey baking in the oven or mom's favorite scented holiday candle burning on the dining room table.

thanksgiving road trips tips

These very experiences are not just limited to our homes. When we drive, we sometimes need a little bit of calmness and joy to overcome the experiences we oftentimes have no control over. Getting cut off in traffic, the rush to pick up the last pie from the store and the kids screaming in the back seat about what movie to watch. 

Here's your opportunity to be a hero. To ease the nerves of the unnerved and bring serenity back into the family experience. After all, these trips are designed to create moments of joy that will give you years of memories to reflect upon one day. Interestingly, the memories typically don't include the arguments and small bickering. Rather, they are the fond memories of the overall experience you all had as a family. 

Here are a few ideas you can incorporate to keep everyone feeling calm and joyful during the road trip:

  • Music: Holiday music has a resounding impact on our moods. Keep the carols flowing and avoid conversations about finances and any other drama that can wait til later. Remember, this is supposed to be a time of gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone!
  • Temperature: This might sound odd but keeping the car at about 70 is proven to keep people from being agitated. It's a great mid-point compromise for those who like it hot or cold. You'll be surprised to find how this improves everyone's mood and makes for a smooth sail.
  • Aromatherapy: That's right! Bring on the aromas that calm the nerves and invoke wellbeing! Essential oils are not just for the awesome scents you can experience. They literally help regulate our psychology! Consider some peppermint, coffee or vanilla/cinnamon essential oils to diffuse during your commute to create a holiday atmosphere and keep everyone feeling just right. You can grab a bottle of essential oils from your local health store. Be sure to grab the refill pads and a car diffuser too! As you need, place a few drops onto the pad and into your diffuser and sit back. Your kids may just love them too!

Happy holidays!

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