Inspiration Behind The Modern Woodsman

As the co-founder of myChoice, I wanted to find out why women seemed to be more engaged in essential oils than men. It turned out that most essential oils are perceived to be mainly for women, due to the (assumed) floral nature of most essential oils. To challenge this belief, we decided to reach out to men and find out what scents appealed to them. Our team, myself included, spoke with and sampled the insights of nearly 80 men from various backgrounds, locations and preference. While we heard a variation of opinions regarding fragrance preferences, one thing was certain. Nearly 94% preferred an earthy and mildly sweet scent vs about 6% who were more in favor of sweet fragrances. 

the modern woodsman cedarwood, sandalwood and rosewood essential oils

What we did then is begin testing a variation of oils that would achieve a mix of highly earthy notes with a light balance of sweetness. In order to keep the scent from going overboard, we decided to use only wood oils, finding Rosewood to be the sweetest of the three oils in our Modern Woodsman blend. By maintaining a good ratio of Indian Sandalwood, we  ensured the blend would remain bold and masculine. The Cedarwood was the essential oil that would provide the middle note and keep the two blends from clashing when diffused. Among all our blends, I'm thrilled to have an essential oil air freshener men will definitely enjoy in their car or home. Please know that this is not exclusively for men! While the intention was to create something men would really love, women too may enjoy a more woodsy and earthy aromatherapy experience. I am excited about The Modern Woodsman. If you decide to try it, I want to know what you think. Please email us and share your experience or leave us a review on the product page. 

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