Scent Of The Pine

Interesting how the words Scent and Pine are so well intertwined to illustrate an emotion of Feelings. I'm perhaps reminded that these are the kinds of experiences we as emotional creatures (for better or for worse) tend to relate to. We all want to experience an emotion and our first instinct and just like our other four senses can help capture, our sense of smell tends to be a portal giving way to our other senses to recall a particular experience. In the example of Pine, what comes to mind for you?

If you take inventory of all the possibilities, your mind begins to re-experience days in the mountains with your family or possibly the first Autumn gust of wind that brings along that initial push of pine from the rockies. For many, it's just that first lighting of the pine candle before Christmas. Whatever may be the case, the Feeling is always tied into a memory that a particular scents brings to life. It's the reincarnation of that past memory we all long for at times of the year that represent love and warmth. 

For those who do not have those experiences to reflect from, consider using a scent (preferably essential oils) that can create a future experience you wish to create. As a life-long student of intentional thinking, I believe we create our realities into physical form from the very consistent and faithful thoughts we hold in our minds as truth.

When I lived in Dallas, I had longed for a life by the coast. I would always imagine myself riding alongside the mysterious coast and breathing in the fresh salty air. To help in creating the emotion, I would diffuse some essential oils. Combinations you could consider include the following drops: 

4 Bergamot, 2 Eucalyptuses, 1 Lavender & 12 Lemon. 

You could also consider adding some Jasmine or fruit essential oils to brighten the scent. Regardless, be playful and treat yourself to any emotion you wish to bring to life. Remember there are no rules. Merely an opportunity to release the past, redefine the present and rediscover who you are. 

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