A Recent Visit & Life-Changing Education

Just the other day, I was visiting a friend of mine who seemed to be edgy and aggravated. She and I spoke about what was bothering her but I couldn't seem to get a straight response. I don't think she didn't want to share her concerns, as we tend to be relatively great at confiding in one another. After about 30 minutes of general ranting, she walked over to a nearby wall and yanked out what appeared to be a plug-in home air freshener as I could hear her complaining about it bothering her. It began to dawn on me that many people consume conventional air fresheners and have no idea what ingredients they contain. Could it be that the breathing of this air freshener made her agitated?

I'm not going to discuss that in this short blog, but I did want to illustrate the importance of self-education. I know we all lead busy lives, and sometimes the last thing we need is more things to learn and alter in our daily routine. However, sometimes, little things like changing a few eating patterns or switching off diet soda drinks can have a massive compounding impact on our overall health, and life. 

When we eat or drink products that contain synthetic ingredients (i.e. artificial sweeteners), our bodies fight hard to process it, and when it can no longer fight, it rejects it or causes havoc in our system. Think of a computer. If you try to force a software application that is no native to the operating system, it will try to install but at the end, it will error out and terminate the process, oftentimes with the "screen of death". (my geeky side!)

Think of this the next time you're about to consume a questionable food or plug in that mystery air freshener. Be inquisitive! Find out what it's made out of, what impact it might have on you and your family. You'll find that certain tweaks in your purchasing and consumption may yield BIG health benefits. 

You just never know.

Question: What changes have you made and what benefits have you noticed in your life? We want to hear from you!

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