Tips For Enjoying Your Upcoming Road Trip

Road trips are something many families across America truly look forward to. However, even the most expert road trippers experience fatigue, kids fighting, restlessness and so much more. Being cooped up in a car for 10-15 hours each stretch will do that to us! 

Here are some proven tips that could help reduce these challenges:

best tips for taking a road tripPlay Games: I remember growing up, we took many road trips. My siblings and I always recall a specific trip to Colorado from Houston where we don't recall so much of the exhaustion as much as we remember how awesome a time we had playing games like naming cities across the US or the capital of each state. Those went on for hours, and time just seemed to be elusive when we kept ourselves busy. 

Drink Water: Consuming less sugar beverages meant less unneeded energy. Remember you're in a car for hours and needing energy isn't necessary unless you're driving. Keep everyone well hydrated but try not to consume way too much. Otherwise, you'll be stopping every hour. :)

Let In Fresh Air: If the weather permits, keep a window or two cracked open to allow new Oxygen into the car. This keeps everyone in peak energetic state. Fresh oxygen is the lifeblood to our wellbeing. Be sure to replenish it often!

Stay Alert: Use essential oils to keep everyone feeling rejuvenated. Citrus oils like lemon and lavender blends can balance our energy by providing a lift and calmness at the same time. Lavender is known to ease tensions and stress while lemon can keep us feeling fresh and energetic. 

Avoid Car Sickness: While keeping a window open will help reduce car sickness, you can also diffuse some Peppermint oil, which is known to help reduce nausea and motion sickness. 

Take Pit Stops and STRETCH! Road trips are not about getting somewhere in a hurry. Calm down, remember you're on vacation and take the opportunity to enjoy the down moments, the delays and see them as part of the journey. Road trips are a great way to reverse the conditioning we've been programmed with regarding our constant state of urgency. There is nowhere you have to be. Just go and get there when you get there. 

I hope you find some of these tips useful on your next road trip. Be sure to comment with your own experiences and let's make Summer 2015 a road trip summer to remember. 

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