Memories Of Summertime Essential Oils

Every Spring time, the dreams of summer destinations begin to awaken our burdened hearts from the effects of a long cold winter. Our overwhelming wish to bloom is like the patient day lilies, which have just spent months awaiting their turn. We too feel we have sowed our seeds of patience.

This isn't to say we don't love all seasons. When fall arrives, we are equally thrilled, feeling a sense of joy and warmth, especially nearing the holidays. The Pumpkin candles for Thanksgiving. The Pine scent for Christmas. It's festive and takes us somewhere, oftentimes to our past of how we want to remember a period of time. 

So the snow has melted, the Spring storms rage on and we are anxious to spend time by the coast, or anywhere else in nature, with our family and friends. What is it that makes us look forward to that next experience? The scent of the beach and ocean air. The drive thru flower fields being diffused by the powerful sun. All of subconsciously takes us back and makes us look forward, unintentionally depriving us of the present, so it seems.

When we buy a candle called 'The Ocean' or 'Nantucket', it's the remembrance of a moment of time both past and future that desires to be revived. 

For me, it's definitely Cinnamon in Fall, Lavender in Spring, Jasmine in Summer and Pine Needle in Winter. Particularly, Jasmine trees growing wild off the Mediterranean. Even twenty years later, I experience a rush of very detailed memories of time, place and events!

We all have our seasonal favorites based on experiences we've had or wish to recreate, without waiting until that time. The good news is that with essential oils, we can not only enjoy those very memorable moments but we can create variations of our experiences naturally, by blending our oils. 

Here's your assignment for you this Spring: Go ahead and think of your favorite scents that bring back happy moments of your life, and think of ways you could create new memories in your current life! While nostalgia is powerful and important, we sometimes live deeply in it, leaving us to miss opportunities to experience new laughter, love and present moment living!

If You're not planning a trip to your favorite beach this summer, that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring the experience to you. Find an essential oil that truly resonates with you that will give you a sense of comfort before work, after work or when taking a short road trip. It's a simple way of bringing calm, love and joy to your environment and always makes for creating new memories. 

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