Two Essential Oils For Inflammation

Inflammation is so commonly experienced by millions today, there seems to be a rush for answers and remedies to solve or at the very least, ease the symptoms. The important issue is that inflammation isn't just an external experience. We can experience internal inflammation that can cause our system stress and dis-ease. Here are two essential oils that, when diffused, can offer a great deal relief. 

  1. Eucalyptus: Native to Australia, this plant has incredible properties for catching micro-organisms in mid-air. It's an exceptionally enjoyable essential oil with powerful healing and cleansing properties. 
  2. Clove: While typically popular in foods, breathing this essential oil provides similar powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, which have been used in traditional medicines for centuries.

The key to essential oils is enjoyment and identifying ways you can bring healing into your daily breathing experience. Consider combining Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Ginger for optimum enjoyment. If you're familiar with Thieves, which legend says was used during the dark ages to save people from various diseases and the Plague. For a similar version, we offer Energizer blend which has a spicy and sweet aroma that will clear the air and invigorate your senses. Energizer is available as part of our sampler pack or in refill boxes

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