The Art of Blending Essential Oils

Beauty Is Purely Subjective

Just like the foods we eat, everything is about personal preference. What appeals to one might not make sense to many, but that's not what matters. If you're into DIY car or home air fresheners, blending is about trying out what doesn't work so you can arrive at some sort of happy compromise with your nose and emotions. Remember, our taste in scents depends largely on our mood in that given moment. Over time, a particular scent may have negative associations with a particular time in our life or a specific person. 

The key to blending essential oils is to be flexible and my opinion is to start with a middle note oil, like Lavender. Then you can try out different base/middle notes to compliment that oil, such as Ylang Ylang. Your base and middle notes will last the longest. The first to appear and disappear is your top note. For instance, Lemon is a top note and while it has an initially powerful presence, it's typically the first to go bye-bye. 

Today, stop at your local natural foods store or grocery and grab 3 oils. Keep in mind that most citrus essential oils are going to be a top note! Purchase a few empty bottles (15 ml each) including bottle droppers, typically included with the dark amber glass bottles (HIGHLY recommended to protect the oils) and begin to test out various ratios of the 3 tiers of essential oils. If you plan on diffusing your essential oils in your home or car as an air freshener, you will need to pick up some high quality sunflower and sweet almond oil carrier. These are all natural and unscented so they don't interfere with your essential oil scents. 

Here's a blend suggestion (Note: This is NOT a rule but more of a general guideline. It all depends on how long you'd like these oils to diffuse and how well the essential oils burn):

  1. 10-30% natural carrier oil (permits the proper diffusion of oils)
  2. 30-40% middle note
  3. 30-40% base note
  4. 20-25% top note

Be creative and have fun! That's our policy at myChoice Aromatherapy. We are obsessed with trying out new ideas and we encourage you to be a bit daring. This isn't quite like sky diving, but blending just the right essential oils can mimic a wild rush or calming of emotions! 

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