Healing Power of Lemon Essential Oil

lemon essential oil - enjoy the scent of lemon while reaping the benefits of this treasured oil. Benefits include a boost of energy and an easing of stress

Lemon (Citrus Lemon): The powerful benefits of Lemon goes beyond the love we have for Lemon in our water or a good splash of this powerful citrus on our fish dinner and salads. Lemon has incredible energizing properties, that when diffused, increase alertness, reduce air toxins and provide a refreshing scent that will certainly invoke an attitude of emotional vitality.

A few additional documented benefits include improved concentration, blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, and a calming of the nervous system. 

Air Neutralizer: Lemon has powerful cleaning agent properties, due to its high level of citrus. Lemon essential oil is strong yet gentle so using it in your home is almost always safe. You can be sure to clear out any food, pet or mildew odors when you spray lemon essential oil (commonly mixed with water).

Car Air Freshener: While Lemon car air fresheners are widely available, finding something that is all natural isn’t that simple. There are many DIY tutorials available to help you make your very own, but how many people really want to take the time to make their own air freshener from lemons or lemon essence? Seeing the love for lemon seems to go beyond the essential oil buyer market, we wanted to give all air freshener lovers the opportunity to enjoy the timeless pleasant scent of Lemon essential oil along with the added emotional and physical benefits of breathing this miraculous citrus oil, even during their commute. Whether for the uplifting effects after a long day at work or for the energizing impact before you commence your day, Lemon is certain to become a household favorite for you and your family.

Have you used lemon essential oil? If so, please share your experience!

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