Healing Power of Lavender Essential Oil

French Lavender Essential oil contains many benefits from easing stress and depression to providing an uplifting emotional state of wellbeing.




Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia): This essential oil has been used for centuries as a highly sought after fragrance and for its ability to provide a calming effect. While it has a range of benefits when diffused, it is most known to reduce levels of stress and anxiety while increasing a sense of emotional wellbeing. This timeless oil has therapeutic benefits as well: from reducing headaches to easing symptoms of sore throats, colds, respiratory issues, sinus congestions and the flu.From a fragrant perspective, lavender is an immensely popular aroma, perfect for reviving your space.
Clarity of Thought: Lavender has been shown to assist in boosting your focus and mental energy, so this oil will certainly give you a lift!
Air Neutralizer: Lavender is considered one of the most gentle, pleasant and effective essential oils for removing odors around your home. It’s an ideal application in bathrooms and pet areas. Many people apply lavender essential oil as part of their cleaning supplies to lend a natural scent while disinfecting.
Summary: While lavender car air fresheners are widely available, finding something that is all natural isn’t that simple. There are many DIY tutorials available to help you make your very own, but how many people really want to take the time to make their own air freshener? As a lover of Lavender, you can enjoy the timeless essential oil along with the added emotional and physical benefits of breathing Lavender, even during your commute. Whether for the calming effects after a long day at work or for the mental boost during the morning commute, Lavender is certain to leave a lasting positive impact.

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