Diffuse Oils, Eat Well & Beat The Flu

Winter is the season where people seem to come down with viruses and the Flu. It's because we spend time huddled up indoors where it's warm, which is exactly what air-born viruses need to survive, and thrive! Did you know that burning essential oils can help offset the potential spread of these viruses, and may help reduce the possibility of spreading? 

lemon water essential oil to fight the flu

I'm definitely not suggesting that if you burn some lemon oil or eucalyptus that you will never get sick. However, studies have shown that you may reduce the likelihood getting sick. How?

The process is two-fold:

  1. When you burn specific oils, such as a blend of Cinnamon, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Ginger, their neutralizing properties are coming into contact with these air-born viruses, which gives you a fighting chance to avoid falling prey to those nasty bugs.

  2. When you breathe the oils, you're boosting your own defenses by intaking key attributes of the oils that can help you overcome the possibilities of getting sick. 

Things You Can Do Today:

Step 1: Grab some essential oils such as lemon, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus and ginger. Blend them and diffuse them in your home during Flu season. Be generous. A blend like that will also give off a beautiful scent, so it's not just for fighting illness but it gives a warming and cozy sensation for you and your loved ones. Sometimes, just the placebo effect can have a major impact on our well-being.

Step 2: Eat well! It doesn't matter how much you do on the outside of yourself if you don't boost your internal body! You must eat well year-round to truly help avoid getting sick or reducing the length of your illness. Before anything, food is the fuel to great health. What we eat must be natural in order to jive with our natural bodies. Right?

Many people make an excuse that eating well costs too much. While you do have to pay more to eat organic foods, you don't necessarily have to start there. Instead, begin by removing certain foods from your diet, such as sodas, artificial flavors and colors and fast food. These are the BIG culprits. Gradually, eating well will become instinctive and you will naturally gravitate to better quality foods. You'll find a way to afford eating better. It might mean cutting out your cable TV. Do you really need to spend 4 hours a night on TV anyways? (My apologies for the excess honesty!) :-)

Burn oils, breathe deeper, appreciate more and eat really well. 

Love & Light,

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